Launch 3 Communications, Inc.

Launch 3 Communications, Inc. is an architect of direct routes worldwide in deploying Voice over Internet Protocol networks, also known as VoIP, to strategic key locations across the globe.

Launch 3 has developed and deployed an infrastructure enabling it to provide enhanced services using innovative packet-based voice switching. The company utilizes private direct connections both domestically and internationally by using fiber and satellite networks.

Positioned as a carrier's carrier, Launch 3 is a leading provider of high quality, cost effective IP and data services. The company utilizes VoIP to terminate voice calls for its Tier 1 carrier clients.

Launch 3 Communications, Inc. is operating in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and The Americas.

TELECOM Launch 3

Launch 3 Telecom is a fast-growing New Jersey based telecommuncations supplier servicing all global markets. Launch 3 Telecom can assist you in all of your communcations needs. We specialize in Central Office, Switching, Cellular Wireless, Fixed Wireless, Data Networking, and other Telecom Equipment. Launch 3 supplies all major manufacturers such as Lucent, Nortel, AFC, Carrier Access, P-Com, DMC / Stratex, and many more.

MOBILE Cooling Products is a rental & sales company that specializes in portable air conditioning solutions for that temporary or emergency need. These units do not need an outside source of air, i.e. windows and are self-contained. Whether your need is for a data room or an upcoming event, provides the perfect solution.

ENERGY Launch 3

Launch 3 Energy is a division of Launch 3 Ventures LLC, specializing in Alternative Energy news, discussion, and how-to guides for all things Alternative / Renewable Energy. Launch 3 Energy focuses primarily on ways to use these developing energy sources to power your business at a fraction of the cost that you pay now. Features listings of Grants and Tax Breaks available by location.